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The Studio

Solas Studio (from the Irish word for light) was founded photographer and printer Liam Cotter to provide a more personal and personable approach to the making of photographic art. 

We strive to provide the highest quality service while also providing a friendly, relaxed and encouraging atmosphere for our clients. 

We take the atelier approach. We sit with you, you ask questions, we ask questions and between us we flesh out you project into exactly what it needs to be.

Clients and Exhibitions:

We’ve had the fortune to work with not only NY based fine art and commercial photographers, but also a range of diverse organizations.

Artists & Photographers:

Michael Donovan
Robert Lundberg
Jason Wiker


Con Artist Collective:
The MotherHood Center
The Way Station

Art Fairs & Exhibitions

Metro Texture
Uncontaminated Sound
CLIO Art Fair


Our Location

115 West 30th Street, Room 803B, New York, NY 10001

Open Monday - Friday 10-6 by Appointment | Premium Rush Available 24/7/365

9176779267 | hello@solas.studio

Solas Studio is the Professional Services division of Liam Cotter Photography LLC

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