Vanessa Sauter

Are you an actor, model, author, social media star, real estate agent, executive, musician, fashion designer, or are you just really digging your new outfit or haircut?

Do you need a polished, professional headshot image to promote yourself and your business? 

Do you want to stand out from the crowd and be more than just a photoshopped head floating on a white background? Do want yo show off a bit of your style and project an approachable demenor? Of course you do!

These days a picture is our first impression. From online dating to LinkedIn to a bit of healthy self love, it's great to have nice pictures of yourself. 

It's also my favorite thing to do! I specialize in making people look good in their spaces. Some people call it environmental portraiture. I call it taking photos of people in their element 

This won't be some wham-bam factory experience. We'll take the time to sit and get to know each other so that you'll feel natural, which is when you'll look your best.


To keep things affordable, you only pay for what you need. All portraiture pricing is composed of two parts, an hourly rate and expenses/extras.  


The Fresh Face $250 - A simple, straightforward, 1 hr session in a park, your office, or some other public place. Great for a first headshot or for an online profile (after all OKCupid says, the better the photo the more success you'll have).

The Buddy System Discount: Pair up with a friend and make an event of it. If you and a friend can book back to back you'll both get a 30% discount. 

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