Using iPhone Text Replacement for Instagram by Liam Cotter

How to use your iPhone's text replacement feature to quickly add large numbers of hashtags to an Instagram post.


You Will Need

  1. An iPhone

  2. An Instagram Account

  3. A List of Hashtags 

  4. A Logical Shortcut

Step 1: Choose Your Hashtags

This is the part where you need to think about your audience. Who are you trying to reach, what hashtags do they use? Once you figure that out, make a note or document to contain the list, and copy and paste / write out the hashtags separated by spaces. 

#write #them #like #this

Choose hashtags that are related and fairly general, like "#art #design #illustration" so that you can define what sort of work it is and then add more specific content related tags manually. 

Step 2: Assign The Shortcut

2.1 Go to Settings > Keyboard > Text Replacement 

2.2 Now copy and paste your list of hashtags into the first field marked "Phrase."

2.3 Now choose your shortcut, I tend to pick the first hashtag I would naturally type if I was going to enter a group manually. E.g my shortcut for a bunch of street photography hashtags is "#street" so that as I'm writing a caption it just fills in.

2.4 Now you're in business!

Step 3: Apply What You Learned

You can use text shortcuts for literally any commonly repeated phrases.